The recipients of our scholarships have expressed their appreciation of these awards in thank you letters to donors.  Below are just a few of the things they have said.

"Thank you for selecting me for one of your scholarship, and I promise you that I won't let the money or opportunity go to waste."

"I am honored to have received this gift and I appreciate the value your group places on helping aspiring students in our community to advance their education."

"But most importantly thank you for your belief in me."

"I wish to say that by giving us your scholarship, you are supporting us not just financially, but emotionally as you believe us to be worth supporting."  

"I am very glad to know you have faith in me to be able to succeed beyond high school."

"Thank you so much for making my chance for a bright future easier for me and my family to obtain."

"I was very excited and humbled to hear my name called when I was selected as the recipient of your scholarship."

"I was so excited and surprised when my name was called for the scholarship, I couldn't wait to run up and accept it."

"Thank you again and I hope that in the future I can be in a position to pay this opportunity forward to someone else and make a difference in students' lives as you have done with mine."

"I will make sure that not a single cent goes to waste!"

"Your generosity has shown me that many people today really count on our generation of graduates for a better future and they demonstrate it by investing in our future and giving scholarships like yours."  

"I will always have in mind your generous investment in my education and will forever be grateful for this scholarship you have bestowed on me."

"I was so excited to hear that I had been given this wonderful honor and am extremely grateful and appreciative of your support."

"I feel very blessed to have received such an awesome reward."

"Your generosity has inspired me to help others"

"Please know I won't forget your kind gesture.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart."

"It is very neat how our community comes together to help support students further their education."

"I cannot thank you enough for your generous scholarship that I was awarded; it will help me tremendously this fall.  I look forward to someday being able to give back to this program which gives so many students so much.."


"This scholarship will truly make a difference in my continued education.  Because I am paying for school entirely on my own, this money is greatly appreciated...."


"A letter will never be enough to really say how I feel about this help!..."


"Thank you so much for the incredible scholarship you gave me!  I also appreciate all of the hard work you all put into make these scholarships happen!..."


"I am so thankful that an organization such as this exists.  It affirms the sense of support for the student reminding us how the community cares about our future education...."


"Your financial generosity has allowed me to be one step closer to my goal and has inspired me to help others by giving back to the community..."


"Thank you for awarding me a scholarship this year.  I will use it to the best of my ability for my future.  I will make you proud...."


"I am honored to have received this scholarship..."


"I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me..."


"I'm proud that my future alma mater has such a strong and positive program as this to give back to its students.  Thanks again..."


"I also, would like to thank you for an underlying message of this award, that you, as a committee and all those who have donated to the fund believe in me and my classmates..."


"I'm grateful to have such amazing support from my high school even after graduation..."


"Your generosity is allowing me to make my goals and dreams a reality..."


"I just want to say I am thankful for your help..."


"Thank you again for this wonderful act of kindness, and you have my deepest gratitude..."


"I am beyond gratitude for the help you are giving me to turn this passion into a career.  Thank you for validating the effort I have put into my high school career and for placing your trust and support in my future.."